• Painting Parties
    Hosted by Tabatha Waller-Hefko
  • Loving being creative
    Coming together to socialize and paint
  • All skill levels are welcome
    Each participant leaves with a professional and finished painting

How It Works

You will feel like an accomplished painter in 3 hours!

Claude Monet - Sunset in
Georgia OKeeffe - 
Two Calla Lily on Pink
Szechenyi Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary
Budapest Parliament & Starry Night -
 Vincent van Gogh

Painting Parties's Description:

Painting parties are events where people come together to socialize and paint. The party is usually around three hours long and each participant leaves with a professional finished painting. All materials are provided but guests are encouraged to bring their favorite non alcoholic beverage, snacks, an open mind, and a sense of humor.

Target Participants:

This event is for people who have always had the eye and appreciation for beautiful art but have never been able to develop their artistic talent. The painting parties are set up so that anyone, regardless of skill, can enjoy the accomplishment of a finished piece of art while having a great time.

Registration and Pricing:

  • (There will be a 10 person minimum requirement for the class to take place)
  • Cost: Each party is 10,000 HUF ($35-$39) per person and can be paid the day of the painting party.
  • It is very important to sign up early and only cancel in emergencies as all of the supplies for the paintings are bought ahead of time and lots of preparation goes into setting up each person’s painting.
  • Location: The American International School of Budapest. Room B105
  • Please contact Tabatha Waller at twaller@aisb.hu to reserve a spot.

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When I am asked what kind of artist I am, I explain that I love all the different areas of art. I am a unique artist because my own success in art is not seen through the use of paint, clay, or pastels. It comes in the form of teaching. I feel most creative and artistic, when I am working with students. I hope to pass on to my students a new and innovative way to look at the world through the knowledge they have gained in my classroom, while staying true to who they are in their heart.

" A good heart is better than all the heads in the world." I have spent the majority of my life seeking and giving knowledge, yet this quote resonates strongly with me.

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