Liberty Bridge

Liberty Bridge

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Liberty Bridge Watercolor 

My original is a watercolor painting, therefore we also offer watercolor paper prints, (in case you want to represent the fact that this is a watercolor piece), otherwise just go with the canvas option. Canvas printing is perfect and it lends a very artistic air to the print in all cases.

This 12”x11” watercolor painting on watercolor paper, is of the Szabadság híd or Liberty Bridge that connects Buda and Pest across the River Danube in Budapest. This art piece stands apart from the others in my "Budapest" series, as it is the only one crafted with the delicate medium of watercolor paint. It represents my unique style in the way that it showcases my use of expressive bright colors, a signature of my oil pastel works. However, unlike my oil pastels, where I smear and blend to create my energetic interpretations, in this watercolor piece, I meticulously built layers upon layers of colors, spending countless hours in pursuit of the perfect balance. The result is a work that exudes a visual effect of fast and spontaneous brushstrokes, yet it is the product of a patient and methodical process.

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