Hungarian Poet - Jozsef Attila

Hungarian Poet - Jozsef Attila

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Hungarian Poet: Attila József

This 100x70cm oil pastel painting on watercolor paper, is of the iconic statue of Attila József. This statue was unveiled at the end of 1980, on Kossuth Square and has since been moved to the riverbank in the same square next to the Budapest Parliament. The statue of Attila József was created by Éva Varga on the poet’s 100th birthday. The work depicting this Hungarian literary genius has become one of the most popular public sculptures in Budapest. I have strived for capturing the essence of the scene and elevating it to an ethereal work of art. Through the use of expressive lines and a symphony of hues, I have imbued the image with a sense of movement and energy, drawing the viewer's eye along, in an ever-evolving dance within the composition. The exaggerated textures pull the viewer deeper into the scene, creating a sense of depth and feeling that is both captivating and mesmerizing. This is not a mere representation of the Poet, but an emotional visual celebration, a testament to the sculptor's deep connection to the land and its people. I wanted to emphasize this connection by employing my art as a medium to express the emotional resonance of this poet to create a work that is both powerful and evocative.

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